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If you want to get the best smart barcode devices,

you must get the best models ever in terms of secret reading,

from anywhere, wireless, and works on both barcode and QR code



ADVISION AD-2200 andd 2D BARCODE SCANNER provide you with the best and easy to use 2D scanner, that's why AdVision has introduced the latest scanning devices in the Egyptian market to help companies and organizations with experience in ending barcode crises.

Scanner ADVISION AD-2200-W, .. ADVISION AD-2200-W Wireless Barcode Scanner , 1D & 2D Scanner, With Memory, 100,000 EAN-13, For Barcode Storage,

Scanner ADVISION AD-4400B .. The global company AdVision features the best ADVISION AD-4400B scanner, 2D desktop scanner, USB, PS2, RS-232 and QS SN support. Handling, drop test code 1D cm.