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Fingerprint AD-1100/B/W, the device has an all-new fingerprint attendance register and provides an unprecedented user experience. It brings countless surprises, including stunning GUI, extremely strong stability, fast matching speed, and scalability.

FINGERPRINT, AD-601T/B/W, the device has a fingerprint attendance record 3000 fingerprints, 190,000 merit records, eligibility and connected via Wi-Fi plus battery backup are optional functions. Via network or flash memory and storing up to 3000 fingerprints, the device has a USB flash drive for downloading or uploading employee details.

FINGERPRINT, ADISION AD-503T/U, an advanced attendance card device with biometric fingerprint, card and password, connected via Wi-Fi, optional functions, storing up to 3,000 fingerprints and 190,000 eligibility records. The device has a multi-language menu and audio access control terminal.