Know the difference between XVR and DVR?

Know the difference between XVR and DVR?

Surveillance cameras have proliferated everywhere in recent years after major technological developments, so using them has become essential to feel safe with your family. In the interest of security and stability, the best should be chosen through our advisioncctv, and through this article and under the supervision of the company’s engineers, we will explain the difference between two important terms in the world of surveillance camera systems. We will learn the difference between DVR and XVR and what is right for you between them.

What is a DVR?

DVR is a recorder connected to analog cameras via RG59 coaxial cable and BNC header, it differs from NVR connected to IP cameras via RJ45 network cable.

What is XVR?

XVR is an upgraded version of DVR, designed to be compatible with all CCTV video formats such as AHD, TVI, CVI and also legacy CVBS.

I mean, if you have cameras from different brands like Dehua, division, Samsung etc., and you buy XVR from whatever brand you want, it will be compatible with your device and work without problems. Unlike DVR, which requires that you have the device and security cameras of the same brand or at least have the same video format.

What will it benefit you XVR ?

XVR The device gives you a lot of freedom of choice when purchasing a surveillance system, for example if you prefer a “advision” recorder because it provides advanced features and features, and you want cameras with your preferred “advisioncctv” to connect to any device. The cameras you want.

If you have an old surveillance camera system and want to add good quality cameras like 360 panoramic cameras or cameras for vision, you can do so through XVR without having to change your old cameras, as the device will provide flexibility and consistency for all types to work in the same system Observation.

Surveillance Cameras

The field of surveillance cameras is one of the fastest growing and developing fields due to its importance and effective role, whether in protection, insurance, surveillance, administrative follow-up for employees, or following up on children, minors, people with special needs and people with special needs. Elderly.

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